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07/13/10 09:53 AM #1    


Matt Martin

Hey Everyone, welcome to the site.  Please take a few minutes to look around at the site, read through your friend's classmate profiles, and send a note to that person you have been meaning to contact. 

Also, take a look at the missing classmate page and help us contact those who have not yet joined the site.  Our reunion will be so much more fun with great participation.


08/01/10 02:35 AM #2    


Susan Carter (Thomas)

Hey Matt! Try Facebook. You'll find Nick Schubert on there but I thought he graduated in 1989?

08/20/10 11:10 PM #3    

Brad Donze

Hope everyone has a great time.  Will be in VA at nephew's wedding.

09/02/10 09:07 PM #4    


Matt Martin

Forwarded from Kyle Kelly.  Please take time to read this letter.


Dear WCHS Class of 1990,

     This is Kyle Kelly.  I would prefer to have a microphone in my hand and address you at the class reunion.  Unfortunately, I need your attention now.  I’m writing this e-mail based on the assumption that most of you remember me.  I hope two decades haven’t wiped your memory completely clean.  At any rate, a graduate of WCHS needs our help.

     On Tuesday August 10th, I ran into Belayne Garrison at Knickerbockers while delivering their mail.  It was around noon, and Belayne was sitting there drinking a glass of water.  I was used to seeing him down on Hope Street, where he lived last winter.  After not seeing him for several months, I asked “where you living now, Belayne?”   His response shocked me.  He said “well I’m staying down at the Peoria Rescue Mission.”  Embarrassingly, my response was “other than being homeless, how have you been?”  I didn’t even offer to buy him lunch.  I suppose I was in a hurry because mail carriers don’t like to waste a minute while we’re on the clock.  I hope you all recognize sarcasm when you read it.  The reality sank in the rest of that night.  Someone, who was in my Kindergarten class, lived in a men’s shelter because he literally had no where else to go.  He was sitting alone at Knickerbockers drinking water at noon because water is free, it was about 93 degrees outside and the shelter locks its doors between 7 am and 3 pm. 

     I realize that all too often we want to blame the plight of the homeless on their own iniquities.  In Belayne’s particular case, we might blame it on circumstances beyond his control.  His parents took care of him, and they passed away early in his life.  I can’t say with certainty but I believe Belayne was totally reliant on them.  We might blame it on poor choices.  Belayne has no drivers’ license due to two very poor choices. Side note:  A large majority of us have made those same poor choices with no repercussion.  The truth is the factors surrounding Belayne Garrison’s misfortune are absolutely irrelevant. 

     In my opinion, and I realize my opinion often differs from others, there are but three things we need to know about Belayne.  First, if I might paraphrase Dr. Seuss, Belayne Garrison has a heart that is two sizes too big.  Second, Washington Panther football meant the world to him.  I believe there are a lot of things Belayne was happy to take from that wonderful program, but more importantly I believe he loved being able to give his heart and soul to something that really needed him. Thirdly, he loves being a part of such a fantastic community.  I think the worst thing about living at the mission was just being away from the only home he has ever known-Washington.

     After recognizing a need to act, I promptly sought the advice of a good man named Tom Bielema.  We put our heads together and have come up with a plan that may just get Belayne back on his feet.  Since neither of us has undertaken a project such as this one, I think we are surprised to find that this plan is far from fixed, and is continuously evolving.  The end game, however, is set in stone.  Belayne needs to be self sufficient.  He needs permanent housing, permanent employment, and transportation whether it be 4 wheels, 2 wheels, 2 legs or a bus pass.  Not only those things, but Belayne needs to learn a set of life skills that will allow him to budget, cut cost and invest his future.  Tom and I are committed to this end. 

     To accomplish these goals, we are going to need money and quite a bit of it.  If I were a gazillionaire, like Forrest Gump, I believe I’d just cut that grass for free.  Sadly, I am no gazillionaire.  Belayne Garrison needs our help, so I am asking for donations.  Tom and I have opened a savings account at Heartland Bank and Trust.  All you need to do to help is follow these simple step by step instructions:

  1. Search your hearts and find compassion.
  2. Write a check in the amount of $20 to $50.
    1. Please don’t send more than is comfortable for your budget.
    2. In this recession if you cant swing $20, then to you I say God Bless, and I pray your situations changes for the better.
  3. Make check payable to Kyle Kelly or Tom Bielema.
  4. In the memo section, in the bottom left corner, write FBO Belayne Garrison to ensure your donation is deposited in the proper account.
  5. Simply drop the check off at any Heartland Bank and Trust or mail to Heartland Bank and Trust   130 S. Main St.   Washington IL 61571.
  6. Thank God for all that you have.

If you have made it this far through this solicitation then I thank you.  If you are compelled to act, then I urge you not to procrastinate.  If you have any questions at all, please call or text me at 309 678 2294.  I look forward to seeing you at the reunion festivities.  20 years, how the hell did that happen?



                                                                        With all that is good in me,

                                                                                    Kyle Kelly

09/02/10 09:26 PM #5    


Krista Gresham (Higgins)

I personally love that this was posted for belayne... Over the years "B" as I call Belayne.... Have been great freinds... He is a great individual... Always has been... I paid for him and Dave Nofsinger for 5 points dinner night and I did it cuz I think highly of them!! Belayne has gone though alot yes... But he is strong as so is Dave .... I am so happy and proud to be friends w them and I hope after 20 years people have grown up enough to realize good people got it rough.. Love to "B" and "D" :) Krista Higgins (aka) Gresham

10/09/10 07:48 PM #6    


Susan Carter (Thomas)

You really need to look for them on Facebook  because Nick Schubert and Shane Lafferty are on Facebook. I do not know their email addresses.

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